Hi All

UE 4.27.2
Houdini Niagara Plugin v2.3.0 - UE4.27

I have been experimenting with the Houdini Niagara interface (v2.3.0) for Unreal (4.27.2). I have the plugin loaded and have been able to move some simple particle simulations from Houdini to Niagara using the "Houdini Niagara Basic" emitter template.

I now want to extend the system by adding some custom attributes. In the docs (available here https://www.sidefx.com/docs/unreal/_niagara.html), the video tutorial for custom attributes is a broken link but the docs do list the nodes I'm assuming you'd use for reading custom attributes ("Get Point Value at Time by String" etc).

However, while some of these nodes appear in the pre-built Houdini Niagara modules like "Sample Spawned Houdini Point Cache", none of them appear in the tab menu when inside the modules node network.

I can copy and paste nodes form the pre-built module networks but am limited to nodes that already appear in the module. Am I missing an option somewhere to show the plugin content?

Also, I am assuming that any integer attributes in the point cache should be read as floats because there are no explicit functions in the docs for reading ints from the Houdini point cache?

Thanks in advance,