Meadow house wip project

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Hi guys , im learning houdini since september , pausing my profesional career as a senior nuke compositor to fulfill a dream.
This is a learning project im doing to practice some tools im learning to create environments.
All done in houdini except textures which were done in substance.
Next step in the project would be to try to add wind motion to the grass ,trees , vdb clouds and mist.
Maybe try to adjusting the amount of wind between all assets with a control node.
Maybe add more scatterers and animate a camera to generate an animation.

Rendered with redshift
2556 x 1440
8-12 min frame

Feedback are welcome !!


60736EB5-4474-4961-9C69-56C29626B875.jpeg (381.3 KB)
24E8A116-760D-4615-860A-670BA50704D6.jpeg (374.0 KB)
BAFD52D1-E488-4056-9F9A-BB3B8B808751.jpeg (403.5 KB)
358C6296-F5FC-43A0-BD92-D5353807426A.jpeg (392.7 KB)
C4D2160B-C293-4C76-BD58-998BA1648522.jpeg (399.2 KB)
F3CBE33D-3BA7-466D-8EC9-1A3E5F4A5E16.jpeg (226.9 KB)

I love node based world

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You've got a great look going. The only thing that stands out is where the base of the house meets the ground. You might want to try out the Labs Dirt Skirt node. It can help things look more naturally integrated into the ground.
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