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Hey there!

So I am trying to render instances using redshift; I have created somethng that resembles a flower as a test (I still need to finish modeling the flower for it to actually look like it has petals); but the problem is that when I try to render it the texture that I added will create petals in the viewer, and in the render view it will render the petals but also the shape of the original object. I have screenshot the issue and attached the file. If anyone could direct me or help me to solve this issue it would be a lifesaver!!

C__Users_jogon_OneDrive_Desktop_FMP_cherryblossom_recovered_recovered_recovered.hiplc - Houdini Indie Limited-Commercial 19.0.531 - Python 3 11_04_2022 23_30_08.png (748.9 KB)
cherryblossom.hiplc (1.3 MB)

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Hello! Let me see if I'm following you correctly.

Do you want to se your proxy geometry in viewport and render your bgeo seq in RV right?
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if you are using a .png, I'm guessing is because of the alpha, then use a sprite node instead to get it render correctly.
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