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Full Version: Labs Edge damage - Utilizing the Mask Attribute
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I'm fairly new to houdini and was wondering if anyone could help solve an issue I'm facing. Essentially I'm creating a random concrete barrier generator, the damaged elements are being drawn for the Labs Edge Damage node.

The node appears to create a mask attribute which can be visualized by toggling the visualize damage check box. I want to utilize this attribute to either blast or group the masked areas so that I can give them seperate UV cooridinates.

The Attribute Mask appears to be listed but when I try to make a group or blast these sections I'm not seeing the option to do so. Is there a way to "expose" the attribute so it can be used in such a way?

Any help would be appreciated cheers!

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Hey FullBoyle,

you have to use an expression in the group or blast node: @mask>.5 (for example)

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