Object merge transforms not working as expected in UE5

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Hello, I am scratching my head with an issue I can´t seem to figure out how to solve. This problem appeared with ue5 release.
Basically I been creating a bunch of different tools for a project I am working on and these tools use object merge nodes with "into this object" transform option. I use this to fecth geometry mostly to perform boolean operations or use guide geometry for the tool to work. All of this has been working fine like always, in fact is the workflow I learned on tutorials from people like Simon Verstraete or Kenny Lammers.
Now it doesn´t seem to work anymore. What happens is, whatever I merge from unreal, it doesn´t keep its transforms. The object is merged but not in the position where it exists in unreal.
If I keep the HDA exactly in the world origin in ue5 everything works as expected but as soon as I move the HDA from 0,0,0 the transform of the merged object is no longer correct. It seems like it is modifing the transform of the merged object based on the hda world transform in unreal.
I tested this on different builds, on different plugin versions, on different projects and on different PCs. My problem persists. I don´t know if something changed and I am doing something worng (which is most likely what is happening)but I´ve been using this workflow ever since I started using Houdini and it doesn´t work for me anymore.
In fact, I cannot merge any type of geo properly because I also tried to set up my inputs in the HDA type properties without merge sop and the result is the same. Here are some captures on a simple test HDA to illustrate my issue.
First is the HDA setup, then how it looks in unreal and then when I open scene in houdini where the object really is.
Any help with this will be greatly appreciated since I cannot advance any further until I can resolve this.

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