How easily cycle an agent "in-place" animation clip ?

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I export an walk animation clip with shape as an agent.
The animation is cached as "in-place" type to be ready compatible for crowd sim.

And it's works well at this point.
When loaded and checked with the "agentclipproperties" node, the walk anim is cycling well over time.

But now I want to cycle this clip to manualy animate the character along a curve instead of within a sim.
When I unpack the agent animation, I put a motionClipCycle node but I get a strange offset (cf. curved trajectory bellow).

I must now set a strange value in the "Shift Cycles" parameter to make it run straight.

Why my current cached "in-place" agent animation are so complicated to make it cycle when I unpacked my clip ?

Thank you.

motionClipCycle_02.hiplc (1.7 MB)
Walking.fbx (274.8 KB)
curved_trajectory_commented.jpg (291.3 KB)

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