Possible to set defaults for "Houdini Engine" section params

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Guys is it possible to set defaults for "Houdini Engine" set of parameters per HDA (vide image).
So when an artist drags the HDA from content browser onto the world they get those set to exact working values required by this HDA to work properly?
Like push transforms to Houdini checked and bake target set to "Foliage" etc?

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that would be great!
If you RFE, write the ID please so I can add my name.
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This is somewhat possible now using the unreal_uproperty attributes [www.sidefx.com].

For example, adding a detail attribute of "i@unreal_uproperty_bUploadTransformsToHoudiniEngine = 1" will always set the Push Transform to Houdini checkbox to true.

Downsides are:
  • Can be tricky to know what the uproperty names actually are. The docs say it should work with the display name but not always the case. I had to do a search in the HoudiniEngineDetails C++ source just to get the right name for UploadTransformsToHoudiniEngine...
  • There needs to be an output generated by the HDA for the UI to update, so it won't happen when the artist drags it in, but it will be forcefully set everytime the HDA cooks (even unticking it triggers the cook which ticks it etc)
  • Not all property types are currently able to be accessed, ie. the Bake Option field. A quick search through the source file again finds it is called HoudniEngineBakeOption, but when the HDA cooks the logs shows Warning: Unsupported UProperty Class: EnumProperty found for uproperty HoudiniEngineBakeOption

There's some pretty old threads on similar topics so hopefully more types will be accessible in the future or a different system will be setup

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