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Full Version: What are the uproperty settings for a static mesh?
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In our HDA we are trying to set a bunch of settings on the Static Mesh. We are trying to access these attributes via Houdini. There are 6 settings that we cannot access.

These are Cast Shadow, Enable Collision, Use MikkTSpace Tangent Space, Build Adjacency Buffer, Generate Lightmap UVs, and Distance Field Resolution Scale. Are we able to access these via an Attribute Create or Attribute Wrangle in Houdini?

Our only other option would be to create a Blueprint Class -> Houdini AssetActor and use a python script. Has anyone been able to successfully access these attributes?

@unreal_uproperty_GeneratedDistanceFieldResolutionScale = 0;
setting this is not currently working for us at the moment.

We are using Version 2 of the engine, Houdini version 19.0.455

Sergey Filin
Fully agree, there are a bunch of parameters which can't be accessed via uproperty. Even with Houdini 19.0.622 UE 5.0.1 HE 2.0.9. Like for example "Static Mesh Type".
Anyone with any solution to prevent it from Generating Distance Field?

I have version 19.0.622 too
Continuation from my previous post: I'm using UE5 with Houdini Engine for Unreal. In between tasks, I have tried these settings on Static Meshes and it seems to work for me at the moment. This is with an Attribute Wrangle set to Detail.

@unreal_uproperty_DoubleSidedGeometry = 1;
@unreal_uproperty_GenerateLightmapUVs = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_UseFullPrecisionUVs = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_UseMikkTSpace = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_RecomputeNormals = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_GenerateDistanceField = 1;

f@unreal_uproperty_DistanceFieldResolutionScale = 0.0;

@unreal_uproperty_DoubleSidedGeometry = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_RecomputeTangents = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_ComputeWeightedNormals = 1;
@unreal_uproperty_RemoveDegenerates = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_BuildReversedIndexBuffer = 0;
@unreal_uproperty_UseHighPrecisionTangentBasis = 1;
@unreal_uproperty_UseBackwardsCompatibleF16TruncUVs = 1;

I will post more info here for other settings as well.
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