ADD curve points in aborted when curve in a editable subnet

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In Houdini:
I created a editable subnet named "subnet1" in a custom HDA node, and add a curve named "curve1" in the subnet, then linked to output node.

In Unity:
Drag my HDA into scene, press "ADD" button at bottom of the scene view, then MLB click anywhere in scene view to add a point to "curve1".
After that, the state of curve edit mode in Unity returned to "VIEW", but I want it stay to "ADD" to add more points.

What I found:
In inspector panel I found "CURVE1 PARAMETER" and "SUBNET1 PARAMETER", but "subnet1" is not a curve type node!
Then I open HoudiniEngine and found code like this(in file HEU_GeoNode.cs):
// We treat parts of type curve as curves, along with geo nodes that are editable and type curves
if (partInfo.type == HAPI_PartType.HAPI_PARTTYPE_CURVE)
if (partData == null)
partData = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<HEU_PartData>();

partData.Initialize(session, partID, GeoID, _containerObjectNode.ObjectID, this, ref partInfo,
HEU_PartData.PartOutputType.CURVE, isPartEditable, _containerObjectNode.IsInstancer(), false);
SetupGameObjectAndTransform(partData, parentAsset);
partData.ProcessCurvePart(session, partID);
If I comment out this section, my HDA worked correctly, which "ADD" only once to add more then 1 pionts!

Did anyone knows that code? What will happen if I comment out this section?
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