Sparse pyro sim not rendering

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A weird issue just popped up for me when I suddenly couldn't render any of my pyro setups (I just get black screens). So I opened a brand new hip file and created a very basic sparse pyro setup. I used a DOP Import Fields and import the fields I need. I hooked up the Pyro Bake Volume, and the pyro shows in the viewport, but it doesn't show up in the render.

I have the hip file attached. Can someone please put their eyes on it and see if I'm missing something?

testFire.hipnc (924.8 KB)

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your density is empty, and density is used by default for culling of empty voxels

- so while you could delete density volume and it would render, it would not be optimized
- slightly better would be to fill density with tiny values everywhere where flame is >0, but that would still be unnecessary workaround

- the best way is to add add vm_volumesamplingchannel property to your geo and set it to: flame
so that flame volume is used for voxel culling instead of density
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