Bevel / Fillet polygon dense mesh

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In Houdini, it currently seems to be impossible to bevel polygon dense edges (see screenshot).

While CAD software, could easily bevel / fillet this edge, In Houdini I can't figure out how to get this done?

Edges can't be beveled past the first point collision.
This feels absurdly limiting and makes hard surface modeling dense high detail meshes needlessly more difficult than any CAD software.

Blender's Mesh Machine has a tool to fix this "offset cut []" which allows this by removing all intercepting polygons on the mesh before beveling.

Sadly, my Houdini knowledge isn't advanced enough to recreate this.

If anyone knows how to resolve this issue, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time!
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I don't think it's possible without cutting the mesh. The bevel tool can't modify the topology like that.
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