Is Orbolt the only way to convert HDALC to HDA?

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I have released few free HDAs made with Houdini Indie.
I just realized that they can't be used by owners of Houdini Core, FX and studio versions.

I tried to re-publish one of my assets to Orbolt, so that it can be converted to commercial version, but I'm having hard time using the website: in fact, my asset keeps being automatically rejected every time I try.
One time because of some naming spaces issues, which I tried to fix, now some general unknown error occurs when the asset is being analyzed. (The asset seems to work just fine on my machine)

It's so painful to use Orbolt, so my question: is Orbolt the only way to convert an HDALC to HDA?

ps. let me state it again, I'm just trying to convert HDALCs that I have already released for free.
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You can contact customer service and they can convert an asset 'one time' with your purchase of a full license.
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