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Full Version: Modeling Major Shortcoming -- bevel high res meshes
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I recently ran into a major issue when trying to model high polygon resolution meshes, such as my example in Houdini.
Trying to bevel / fillet high poly mesh edges, doesn't work since the next point which intercepts the bevel distance will stop or break the bevel.

This makes modeling precisely needlessly difficult, especially when compare to CAD software where this isn't an issue.

Blenders mesh machine offers an interesting solution to this "Offset Cut" which basically deletes every intercepting point. Leaving a mesh which can easily be beveled.

I believe making this a feature would be very beneficial.

If anyone knows how to do this already, it would really help me out if you'd take the time to share.

That feature does not exist in Houdini. Put in an RFE for it, it would be a nice upgrade to PolyBevel.
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