Hello there,

I'm hoping someone may be able to come up with a suggestion or already knows of node that can do as the title suggests, expand/offset a Bezier curve.

I will have large quantity of "Swept" curve sections in my scene but as you can see from the example "END RESULT" in my screenshot, in some areas I want to modify the outside curve to give it a unique shape. Therefore a simple sweep node will not suffice. However the majority of these sections can simply be an offset distance from the inside curve.

In my example I have simply created two curves but ideally I do not want to have to manually do this (working with an offset curve to start with would be more beneficial)I have tried using polyexpand but this converts the curve into a polygon curve which I then have to resample to get the curvature of the curve back. But a resampled curve makes it difficult to work with in my case, so I essentially need an offset Bezier/Optimized curve that can be modified with as little points as possible. hope this makes sense, cheers.