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Full Version: Unreal 5.0.2 HDA Parameter Folders
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I am experiencing an issue where my HDA Parameters are not nesting inside the folder structure that is setup in Houdini. The folders are visible in Unreal but all HDA Parameters are laid out outside of the folder structure. Anyone else having this issue?

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Hi mbraz84!

I have experienced this exact problem, and in UE4 as well. I think it is a current bug with the HE plugin.

It seems to occur when you only have Folders at the top level of your HDA, like this:

HOWEVER, having a non-nested parameter above these folders seems to fix the problem, and then it displays fine in the unreal UI. So my current work-around is putting a label param at the top and then making it invisible..

Bit odd but at least an easy fix for now!

Worked exactly like you described! thanks very much for the help, greatly appreciated
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