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Full Version: Fluid didn´t collision with Static Object
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Hi, I have got a problem with a simulation.

I made a sphere that emits particles from it, very simple, but when I put a Static Object in my scene, these particles don´t collide with the object.

I attached here an image of this problem.

I use Houdini 19.0.657

Image Not Found
The merge evaluates left-to-right. Rewire your inputs so the Static Object is on the left.
Hi enivob,
I rewired left-to-right and with a cube (polygon)it works well, but when I changes it for a custom mesh, I have the same problem:

Yeah, you have to learn how to build your collision meshes to be "water-tight". The resoultion of the collision surface is based upon the particle separation value of the flip sim.
On the flipobject, activate the collision guide. This will give you a "true" representation of what your mesh derived collision object actually looks like. Turn off display mesh on the static object.
Problem resolved

Thank you so much Enivob
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