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Full Version: Houdini Engine / UE5 Copy to points
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I have simple copy to points setup like this:

This results to this in Houdini (19.0.657)

When converted to HDA and build in Unreal 5 (5.0.2), i get this:

Wireframe from editor:

I am using two boxes as World Outliner Input 'base' for generating points for grid to copy to.

Any ideas what could be the problem?
Thank you.
If I understood, you are using boxes as the source for the copy-to-point in Unreal yet, in Houdini, you are using a line with 4 points. It sounds normal that you get a different result. Maybe I'm confused by your explanation.
Yes, thats what im using, but in HDA i create line from height, resample it and copy grid to resampled points.
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