Geometry Input Missing UE5

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Hi guys. So I ran into the typical "follow a tutorial and hit a brick wall".
I just don't get the Geometry input from Houdini in UE5 like the tutorial does.
Anyone knows what's causing this?

Tutorial Im following []

Super greatful for any advice
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Likely, your HDA simply has no inputs []

either add inputs in the type properties if it's a SOP HDA, or expose an object merge Object parameter on your HDA.

The other possible issue, could be licensing, as the inputs/parameters won't show up in Unreal if the plugin can't get a license.
(and as a reminder, Houdini Engine plugins won't work with Houdini Apprentice / .hdanc files)

Likely, unreal's log should display an error message, or selecting an HDA should indicate in the details panel if the session has any issue.
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