Error: Failed to open scene in Houdini. Unreal Engine.

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I'm testing hda creation using unreal, and I try to view the unreal hda in houdini. I use "Open Scene in Houdini" within the Houdini Engine tab in unreal(5.0). I use Houdini 19.0.603, and the same Houdini Engine version.
Is this a known bug, or are there things I can do to see what's wrong? Is there a log somewhere perhaps?
I use a macbook pro m1 max. Other than this the session is reported as ready, the HDA and Houdini seems to work just fine.
I'm also on Houdini Indie.

I've just started with HDAs within Unreal and any inside would be appreaciated a lot

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Likely, this is a mac-only issue, it could simply be that the plugin fails to locate the Houdini binaries on mac, and simply fails to launch H.

There's a few workaround:
- use "save Houdini scene" instead, then open the saved hip files manually.
- use session sync for a live debugging session.
Though if the plugin fails to locate binaries for "open scene in H", it may fail as well to launch Houdini in session sync mode.

You can do this manually instead, start Houdini, then Window > Houdini Engine Session Sync.
Make sure the session settings match unreal's session settings (in the plugin settings) then start the server
Restart the session in Unreal, and the plugin should connect to Houdini.

Rebuild your HDAs, they should appears in Houdini as the plugin cooks them.
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