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Full Version: VAT creates additional 6-10points (2tris-4tris)
Root » Houdini for Realtime » VAT creates additional 6-10points (2tris-4tris)

I just noticed that when I create VAT files using VAT, there are tiny triangulated meshes are created.
These meshes are visible inside Unity/UE, when you watch it carefully.

1.Is this normal thing, when you working on VAT?
(Sorry this may sounds newbie-VAT question though...)

2.Do you need these meshes for VAT in Unity/UE? Can I delete it?

3.Do you have any trick, not to be visible?
(like editing VAT node?)

Thank you

This is not only intended, but required for the animation to be read in correctly, as per this document:

Thank you so much for the info, Neronie.
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