How to separate output into several meshes

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Hi! I have almembic file with different spline. I am looping though it, and generating different meshes for each spline, merging in the end. As you can see on screenshot, each mesh has its own output name.


In the Unreal, I can see only 1 gigantic mesh. But "unreal_output_name" are different, I expected different meshes to be outputed.
Is it a bug?

I am using Unreal 5.0.3,
Houdini 19.5.38 and corresponding plugin to match this version

mscre3.png (197.5 KB)

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Your HDA is likely only outputting one mesh, so we only look for one value of the output_name attribute.
The output_name attribute cannot be used to split meshes.

Instead, you can use packed primitives, packing each separate mesh in a packed prim will result in the plugin creating separate Static Meshes for each prims, then use the output)name specified for each.

Likely, you just need to add a pack node at the end of your for loop, so that each piece is packed separately.
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