Resample Sop Node Default settings.

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Hey there.

I hope this post doesn't sound like I am angry. Just a little frustrated after having had 2 hangups today due to unwanted behaviour.

I haven't made any form of RFE in years now so I am not sure of the process, but would it be possible to change the default behaviour from having it set to maximum segment length to max segments instead? The reason I say this is that it is not always the case that people work on small scenes. It always gets me hit in the but when I place it in a large scene and it cooks forever because by default it's set to 0.1 When working with units as large as 100000 or more, this behaviour often crashes the scene, or takes absolutely forever to cook. I would rather have a safe mode for this node that shows what it does regardless of scene scale ( even if the max segments are set to a higher value like 100 or 1000 and then adapt to my needs.

No node should ever crash/ or break houdini because the user is not working at an expected scale. This has bugged me for years now. It's just that today it hit me in the butt twice, and it is getting annoying.

I know I can set defaults, but that doesn't fix the issue at it's core. Every time I update workstations, change studios, get a new houdini version rolled out, etc. I don't want to have to keep track of this issue.

hopefully others agree.
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Martin Krol
I haven't made any form of RFE in years now so I am not sure of the process []

This is not just Resample SOP, there are many nodes with default scale assuming you are working close to meter scale

Remesh, Vdb from Poly, and many nodes like sources, solvers etc.
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Tomas Slancik
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Remesh Sop and the new labs Fast Remesh, for example, should be defaulted at 0 iterations.
Current default is 1, and it's always a waste of time.
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