Landscape not updating unless the HDA is fully recooked.

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I've been working on an HDA that grabs an unreal landscape input, runs it through a TOP geometry network, projects some input meshes onto the heightfield and then outputs it back to a specified unreal landscape layer. However, when one of the input meshes is moved, the HDA is cooked and outputs are processed successfully (results of the HDA are correct when viewing the scene via "Open scene in houdini"), but the landscape does not receive the update. (Unless the "Open scene in houdini" does its own cook?). As the title states, clicking the recook on the asset in engine fixes this but is not ideal as it defeats the purpose of using a TOP network.

Here's a screenshot of the HDA attached. Might this be a quirk of using TOP geometry? Or maybe the fact that the input geometry is being added via a multiparam list? Using a standard TOP network did not work for me when trying to modify an existing landscape.

Any help is appreciated!

Asa - FRD

HDA.JPG (53.9 KB)

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I've encountered similar issue with landscape layers and Object TOP network. Issue is, that first time landscape is cooked, results are not fully imported (paint layers work but height is not imported). Clicking "Load work item objects" resolves issue. Current implementation seems to sometimes work and sometimes not . Maybe it has something to do with World partition, which is not supported.
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