Different materials in Unreal on a copied to points plane

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What I have is a plane/cube that is copied multiple times with the copy to points node and on that plane I project a picture of a football player, in this case, as a texture. Through the proper naming of those pictures and a picNum attribute I created, I am able to show every copied to points plane with a different player picture. In Houdini this works perfectly. However, when I export the HDA to Unreal I only get one of the pictures copied to every plane, or if I create a new instance I can get a second picture but if I try to have 3 or more instances, the pictures start repeating and mixing up. Looking from the geometry spreadsheet in Houdini, the right material pictures should be put on the right planes, but that is not the case.

I am currently using Houdini 19.5 and Unreal 4.27.

How can I fix this or what am I doing wrong?

geometry spreadsheet.png (28.9 KB)
Houdini Unreal material.png (802.7 KB)
Unreal 1 instance.png (678.3 KB)
Unreal multiple instances.png (835.5 KB)
Unreal no instances.png (656.4 KB)

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