Issue: Houdini Engine Plugin with Unreal Commandlet

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I have some problems with my commandlet and houdini plugin. I took some code from BGeoImporter Commandlet. And when I call 'Create Session' in code I get this message:
TPipe::open ::CreateFile errored GLE=: errno = 2
And sometimes after that Houdini doesn't process anything. Just freezing.

My code looks like:
// Start Houdini Engine session
UE_LOG(LogDWorldBuildCommandlet, Display, TEXT("Starting Houdini Engine session..."));
FHoudiniEngine& HoudiniEngine = FHoudiniEngine::Get();
if (!HoudiniEngine.CreateSession(EHoudiniRuntimeSettingsSessionType::HRSST_NamedPipe, "hapi_world_cmdlet"))
	UE_LOG(LogDWorldBuildCommandlet, Error, TEXT("Failed to start Houdini Engine session."));
	return false;
What's wrong?
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HAPI Version? I think you have two different versions of houdini api called in UE4
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