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As for myself, I've never had any glitches or difficulties for the 5 years I've been using external includes.
it definitely depends on pipeline and size of the team and how ad-hoc you are used to work also on error tolerance and amount of responsibility

I was talking more from the perspective of scalable system that needs to account for versioning and HDA/code sharing among many shots and long periods of time, so you don't want to risk changing a live code that dozens or hundreds of hip files use, that's why I like the idea of having vex library in versioned HDA as then single environment can still have access to multiple versions

You actually told me how to do that a while back
if only my memory lasted that long, as I wanted to be able to include from HDA extra files section for so long so it surprises me if I knew how at some point but forgot, lol
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we need better tools to import ai/eps/stp files,we need better font tool also.
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we need better tools to import ai/eps/stl files,we need better font tool also.

Yes I would agree with .ai one - but what issues do you have with .stl? I routinely export/import them from Houdini with no issues, at least for my purposes.
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-rmb/assign shortcut... for nodes, options, ui buttons and window tabs (for the tabs to be used as pop-ups)
-drag and drop nodes to pie menus to replace or assign nodes to empty or occupied slots. Same thing on new empty windows to drag and drop nodes and make your own tool palettes to be used as pop-ups binding them to a shortcut (-rmb/assign shortcut... on its header)
-holding alt+mmb while orbiting to snap to different orthographic views like in plasticity
-Symmetry selections and select similar.
-Be able to set the render flag in materialx and VOPs nodes.
-Good looking gizmos
-The groups widget is kind of annoying. It should be great to visualize groups through the info panel by clicking on the group name, just like you do with attrs.
-Focus on elements when double-clicking them in the spreadsheet (as it happens in unreal PCG).
-Shortcuts like blender to bypass any ui or guizmo interaction like R+R to rotate with the trackball, G+G to slide points on edge, typing in the viewport g+x+value (move+axis_constraint+amount).
-A UI option to give visual feedback to track params that differ from their default value (either colored values or param names, a highlight, or a red border in the param field). How many times have you messed up too much with params and ended up reverting to factory defaults? This is also intended to improve the quality of life when watching tutorials, especially breakdowns.
-An option to normalize all Vellum parameters to 0-1 range, for those who don't want to deal with parameters that operate in unknown ranges of millions of decimals. That would be like setting a game from hell to chicken mode.
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