Error in Build a City With PDG Tutorial

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I am going through the beginner tutorial for PDG found here: []

...and when I get to step 4 (using a ROP Geometry Output TOP) all my tasks fail. When I right-click on the task to see work item info it shows this error:

/opt/hfs19.0.589/bin/hython-bin: can't open file '/tmp/houdini_temp/houdini_foundations_build_a_city_with_pdg/pdgtemp/19891/scripts/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I took a look at the pdgtemp directory and it had a data/ and logs/ subdirectory but no scripts/ subdirectory.

What could I be doing wrong? Note that I am building this setup from scratch, by following the video, and I am not using any of the pre-made hip files. Also, I have zero third-party packages or HDAs installed (not even Labs).

I tried changed the temp directory from houdinitemp to working dir, and I also tried starting Houdini as root to rule out permissions problems.
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