Volume pickup and carry color value from object?

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I'm attempting to have smoke pick up the color from an object when it gets near it, but carry this color information with it as the smoke goes along it's smoky way.

I've managed to get the color value from my object within a radius with the volume from attribute node, but I'm stuck on trying to have it stick to the smoke. I've tried everything I could think of using a SOP solver and a volume wrangle to try and copy the color information from the previous frame as if it was a standard geo operation, but it's not working.

Is there an easier way to do this, or is this even possible? I feel like this shouldn't be quite this difficult and I'm not finding one single example or other person who's mentioned this, so it makes me think I'm really over thinking it.
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pyro naturally supports sourcing and advecting Cd and Alpha volumes

enable Color in Fields tab on Pyro Solver SOP (or if using DOPs on Smoke Object DOP)

then as long as you source your Cd and Alpha volumes near your object, smoke will "pick" it up and "carry" along
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