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I have been getting a bunch more errors on this version as well. Just today woke my pc from sleep and found Houdini to have segfaulted. It wasn't doing anything when I put the pc to sleep, I just had it open and was doing other things. Woke up today, turned on the PC, and found Houdini with a "segmentation fault" crash error (on Windows 11).
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yea, there are some terrible bugs too which sidefx either hasn't fixed yet or said will be fixed in the next release. Crazy.

1. Subnets inside dopnets don't update the viewport properly. for example, if you make a vellum solver sop and double click to go inside the hda (which takes you to a subnet in the dopnet) the viewport wont update. Same thing with the pyro solver sop and rbd solver sop. Known bug, still not fixed. This bug pretty much rendered all the sop based solvers useless because I can never get the viewport to update while inside.

2. The background lop doesn't work with xpu despite sidefx claiming it should in 20. they logged it as a bug, but it doesn't appear to be a bug, just wasn't implemented (it seems). the background lop creates a vex based material. vex based material doesn't work with xpu. in the forum someone from staff said that its supposed to create a materialx material for xpu. It doesn't. Sidefx logged as a bug, still not fixed.

3. there are way too many to list with solaris. constant crashes/slowness, bugs, not a great experience in production.

hou 20 feels like the buggiest release.

Funny how the viewport was supposed to be so much improved in H20 and Vulcan version of it - to get feature parity with OpenGL during prod releases of H20…. and before 20.5…
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Will there be comments from the development team?
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Logging the bug was the right thing to do. Thanks. We've reproduced it (support may have already informed you about that) and you'll get a bug update when it's fixed. Forum posts are more for peer support from other users.
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