Issues creating Feather Groom - Jonas Sorgenfrei's set up

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Hey everyone, I was hoping to create a hummingbird using Jonas Sorgenfrei's setup from H20 Hive

Everything was going to plan until the Feather Template Interpolate SOP, where it seems there are some trouble areas where the feathers would rather be perpendicular to the model rather than run parallel to the body's surface. I would have figured the guides I set up to show a similar problem however those look fine to me. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

The area around the eyes and head as well as the chest

Around the head, neck, chest, and belly areas

Around the top and back of the head as well as the back

And here's another view of the back area giving me trouble

I have some ideas on how I could change the rotation of the feathers in these trouble areas, however I figured I should reach out to see if anyone could help me make the set up work as intended.

Here's a link to my project files if anyone wants to take a look:
Your text to link here... []

I created a lot more feathers than just the one shown but I figured it would make it easier to show the areas I'm talking about.

I also was unable to get the "fast instanced preview" part of Jonas's set up to work as the Feather Instance Pool and the Feather Deform SOPs kept giving me this error: "Invalid source /obj/Setup_Groom/featherinstancepool3/featherprimitive1/foreach_end1"

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you guys (:
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Good job, I use Houdini20 feather generate, but can not with guide groom, and also the feather can not follow my character body(bird), it just stay still.
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you might need more guide curves? to give hint where to go?
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