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I was wondering where the demo files are that are mentioned in the documention. they did not come with the houdini apprentice, or the documentation downloads. I also browsed the 2 cd's online at the mirror, and did not see any such files.

just curious, trying to go through the tutorial pdf, and just wondering where the files are?
$HFS/demo seems to be empty

If you click on the “COMMUNITY” link in the top navigation bar of this website. There's a link under What's New that lets you download the files for the Tutorial and User Guide.
J. Price
Sidefx posted the user guide files on their community site. They should contain all the files you need. []

J. Price
Yes, the tutorial files are available for download at the site, but the files referred to in the manual are not included in that download.

The example files are still missing.
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