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Is there somewhere I can find a list of the pstate values and what they correspond to? I want to create a POP VOP that lets you set the pstate as boolean inputs and builds the bitfield for you.

So, if someone's already written the pstate VOP, could you share? Or could someone let us know what the states are?

I know that DEAD = 2, but what about the others?

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From $HT/include/GEO/GEO_PrimPart.h

#define PART_STATE_PRIMARY 0x0001
#define PART_STATE_DYING 0x0002
#define PART_STATE_STOPPED 0x0004
#define PART_STATE_COLLIDE 0x0008
#define PART_STATE_STUCK 0x0010
#define PART_STATE_ISRBD 0x0020
#define PART_STATE_ISACTIVE 0x0040
#define PART_STATE_OVERRIDE 0x0080

// don't move point: dying or stuck or stopped
#define PART_STATE_DONTMOVE 0x0016

// supress default rules
#define PART_STATE_SUPPALL 0x7f00
#define PART_STATE_SUPPPOS 0x0100
#define PART_STATE_SUPPVEL 0x0200
#define PART_STATE_SUPPUP 0x0400
#define PART_STATE_SUPPAGE 0x0800
#define PART_STATE_SUPPREAP 0x1000
#define PART_STATE_SUPPROT 0x2000

// New state flags added in Version 6.0.
#define PART_STATE_SLIDING 0x8000

(As a small RFE, this list should be added to $HH/vex/include/pop.h)
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