Lets Grow Something!

GrowInfinite, a growing toolkit including about 37 HDAs is going to be released...

Some of features:
-Create Growth Ready Plants From Scratch

-Control Branch Density / Rotation and Scale
By Just One Keyframe On Growth

-Growth Based Bend/Noise/Gravity Controls
With Constant Point Number From Start To Finish
And Ultimate Retime Possibilities

-Gravity Control From Base/Tip, Force Created From Parent Directions,
And Lots Of Fun Gravity Styles

-Local And Global Twist Deformer

-Growth Based Displacement And UVs

-Produce Colors By Lenght, Growth, UV, Depth, etc, And Color Drives Forces Like Gravity,
Noise, Bend, Displacement And Even Next Level Size And Rotation At Will

-Growth Can Finish on Any Desiered Shape =-)

-Not Just Trees! Its Able To Create Lots Of Fractal Styles

-Instance Friendly Leaves And Bark Growth Tools
For Huge Trees And Highpoly Situations

Create stunnig procedural grows in fracture of a day!

What do you think? :)



I'm Creating cg for 18 years. and working in 3d Motion Graphics / Animation industry for 10 years. Thanks

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