Pac Man vs Dominoes!

Okay, it's a Weird Race between Pac-Man and… Dominoes !! What’s ? Yes, it’s Strange but.. WHO WILL WIN ??

This is my first Race Style Video, I hope you like it ! It was really funny to create for me…

All objects modeling, objects animations, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.351
The Rigid Body simulation calculation time with Houdini was very (very) fast, less than 5 minutes with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X…

I used REDSHIFT v3.0.31 to render, and always the NVIDIA Optix Denoiser to speed up rendering process !
To render the 2281 frames, it took only about 12 hours this time…

If you want to see more about my creation process, you can visit (and follow…) my dedicated Facebook page, where there are many screenshots and some explanations about the main steps of the making-of…

Have fun with this Weird and Crazy Race between the Legendary Pac-Man and Dominoes !



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