Tractor - Emotions with Houdini 14

A project for testing - GridMarkets renderfarm for Houdini 14.
Every Raw frame is rendered in Houdini on GridMarkets in around 8 Hours with full AOV's in FULL HD resolution. Entire production was done in around 3 Days including finish.
The entire upload process to GridMarkets was so easy, it just took minutes to create a shot -
rendering like on the own Computer.
- around 920 Frames
- Rendertime 8,5 Hours
- production time : around 3 Days
- 10 thousand barley plants rendered as packed primitives (everyone consists of more than 80 thousand polygones) = 800 Million Polygons in the Field Viewshot
- Filesize of the entire project 46,6 GB


  • matthias_k 3 years, 7 months ago  | 

    +1 from me :-)
    I really like it.

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