Procedural GameDev Tools

  • GDC 2017 Houdini Reel

    Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    We talk with Ubisoft's Benoit Martinez, Erwin Heyms, Twan de Graaf and Guillame Jobst about crafting Ghost Recon Wildlands. 

    "From the very beginning, we started a prototype, where we put Houdini at the core of the project. We realized that the scope of Houdini was not just visual effects, or was not just level art, but it's an amazing toolbox - and we've been able to extend the range, and to help pretty much everyone." 

    - Benoit Martinez

    Hangar 13 | Mafia III

    SideFX speaks with Ewan Croft, Eugene Kuczerepa and Martin Ruzicka from Hangar 13 on how they use Houdini for gamedev, including in their latest release, Mafia III - where the main character Lincoln Clay seeks revenge in the city of New Bordeaux. 

    Hangar 13 uses Houdini for rigid body and soft body simulations for spectacle events, such as building, tower and bridge destruction - pyro and FLIP fluids to generate sprite content - using point clouds to distribute objects in the massive open world game - and tool building features, including supplying the game artists with a fence tool they can use to quickly set up realistic fences.

    GDC 2016

    Houdini for Game Dev Intro | Debra Isaac and Viviana Mora

    A talk by Debra Isaac and Viviana Mora at IndieCade 2016 about how Houdini can be used for game development. This video covers level design, FX for games and many other relevant topics that will help artists understand how Houdini could be an important tool in any game dev pipeline.

    Houdini Engine for Unity and UE4 | Robert Magee

    In this presentation, you will learn how the Houdini Engine can be used to load procedural assets into game editors such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. You will walk through the creation of a simple asset then look at other ways to create game art using procedural techniques. 

    In the end, you will take a look at how Indie developer Luis Garcia has used the Houdini Engine to populate his game Suki and the Shadow Claw with procedural content.

    Realtime FX | Steve Burrichter

    Houdini is known for its VFX tools used in film and TV. Now learn how you can add quality FX to your game using a wide range of tools. From PyroFX to Fluids to destruction FX, artist Steve Burrichter demonstrates his FX pipeline from Houdini to Unreal Engine 4. 

    The shelf tools shown in this video are available on GitHub for you to use in your work. Please feel free to download them and try them out.

    >> GAME DEV TOOLS | GitHub

    Thinking Procedurally | Scott Keating

    Artist Scott Keating talks about creating game art using procedural techniques. From columns, to bridges to stone stairs, this presentation explores how to think procedurally in order to create efficient game art that can be delivered to your game editor using Houdini and the Houdini Engine.

    Planet Alpha 31 | Adrian Lazar

    SideFX Games Community Manager Ben Mears talks with developer Adrian Lazar about his award-winning game Planet Alpha 31. Learn about Adrian's background and how working procedurally has helped him create unique and compelling art for his game.

    >> PLANET ALPHA 31 | Website

    Nimbus Knights | Mike Murdock

    Mike Murdock speaks with SideFX Games Community Manager Ben Mears about how Houdini's procedural toolset has been used to make Nimbus Knights, a roomscale VR game set in a sky kingdom. Gain insights into VR art direction, roomscale game design, and pipeline. TriHelix is a virtual and augmented reality game company based in the Bay Area..

    >> Nimbus Knights | Website

    Tutorial Videos

    To learn how to use Houdini to create art for your games, SideFX has a collection of learning videos available. You can use this with our FREE Houdini Apprentice edition or Houdini Indie to develop your skills.