Procedural GameDev Tools


The pressure to build bigger worlds populated by highly detailed content is reaching a boiling point. Studios must meet deadlines and contain costs while staying focused on great gameplay. Going procedural with Houdini Core offers a smarter way to create quality games with the team you have while maintaining creative control throughout the process.

Houdini Core

Designed for modelers, lighters, character riggers and animators, Houdini Core also includes features such as compositing and motion editing. Scenes created in Houdini FX can be opened and rendered in Houdini which makes it an ideal back-end pipeline tool.


Houdini FX

Perfect for visual effects artists and technical directors with its integrated particle systems and dynamics, Houdini FX also includes all of Houdini’s features for a complete set of tools.


Houdini Engine

The Houdini Engine lets you load Houdini Digital Assets into game editors such as Unity® and Unreal® or digital content creation apps such as Autodesk® Maya® and Cinema 4D. Houdini Engine also gives you command-line access to run in batch mode to feed the render farm and process distributed dynamic simulations.


Houdini Indie

Houdini Indie makes all of Houdini’s animation and VFX tools available under a limited commercial license to independent game makers who want to use Houdini during the incubation stage of their business.


Houdini Engine Indie | FREE

Houdini Engine Indie lets you load Houdini Digital Assets into other digital content creation applications under a limited commercial license. Houdini Engine Indie also gives you command-line access to run in batch mode to batch process renderings and distributed dynamic simulations.


Houdini Education

Houdini education is a full-featured version of Houdini FX designed for use by schools and training centres. Designed to be used in labs and classrooms, Houdini Education will open files created by students using Houdini Apprentice or Apprentice HD.


Houdini Apprentice | FREE

Houdini Apprentice is a free version of Houdini FX which can be used by students, artists and hobbyists to create personal non-commercial projects. It has a limited render size, a watermark on renderings and other minor limitations.