Houdini Main Changelogs


Light filter translators now handle light filter schemas whose light filter ID attribute name uses render-context namespace (ri:lightFilter:shaderId).

金. 6月 17, 2022

Fix a bug in the LOP viewer highlighting that would cause the wrong primitives to get the cyan "modified prims" highlight sometimes if the current node was not the same as the display node.

木. 6月 16, 2022

Karma now has a setting to "override lighting" in the viewport. There's a new button on the right hand toolbar which can enable/disable the lighting override. Using the RMB on the button lets you choose the behaviour when lighting is overridden.

木. 6月 16, 2022

Allowing dropping transformable non-light prims onto the transforms tab of the light mixer. This is to allow the light mixer to transform a light's parent prim.

水. 6月 15, 2022

Adjust environment lighting in Normal Quality lighting so that more closely resembles the HQ Lighting environment light. Adjusted the ray marching on the HQ environment light to improve performance when the AA level is high, so that it is closer to the Light Samples setting.

水. 6月 8, 2022

When a render region is active in LOPs, allow HQ Lighting in GL to be displayed, and fixed a bug with the GL masking when looking through a camera.

水. 6月 8, 2022

Fixed a bug where the lighting intensity may shift subtly in bsdf-centric sampling.

木. 5月 19, 2022

The viewport camera now has an aperture matching the default for the /obj cam node. This was previously the case in Houdini 18.5, but in 19.0 a very slight change was introduced. The "Field of View" viewport pref's default value has been updated to support this.

水. 5月 18, 2022

Fixed bug where adjusting the distance in the light LOP state would sometimes cause a python error to occur.

金. 5月 13, 2022

The default aperture for the stereo camera rig was previously very slightly different from the aperture for the normal camera. These have been consolidated but there may be very small visual differences when comparing existing scenes against newly-instantiated nodes.

水. 5月 11, 2022

Component Output can now use cameras and lights from its second input to create thumbnails.

木. 4月 14, 2022

The Light Filters parameter on Light HDAs now preserves ordering of light filters. This way, 'gel' can be applied after 'gobo' to desaturate it.

火. 4月 12, 2022

Fixed python error when creating a Distant Light LOP.

金. 4月 1, 2022

Fixed an issue with Hydra update and re-rendering, when changing a value of a parameter on pattern shader VOPs that drive inputs of Light Filter VOPs.

金. 4月 1, 2022

Fixed an XPU light-filter gobo bug

火. 3月 29, 2022

Light LOP now has bounding box and bounding rect handles for resizing Sphere, Rect, Disk, and Cylinder light types.

金. 3月 25, 2022

In the lightmixer, allow drag&drop to add items to a collection. Allow drag&drop from outside of the lightmixer, e.g. the Scene Graph Tree.

水. 3月 23, 2022

Added light filter parameter to light LOPs to easily assign light filters to the lights. Also enabled assigning filters to lights thru the Light Filter Library LOP, which now has parameter parity with the Material Library LOP, to allow similar workflows.

金. 3月 18, 2022

In the light mixer transforms tab, show the same prims that are shown in the Slider & attributes tabs.

木. 3月 3, 2022

Added Light Filter Library LOP for authoring USD light filter prims.

月. 2月 28, 2022

Allow editing collections in the lightmixer. Dragging lights or collections onto a non-read only collection will add the dragged item(s) to that collection.

木. 2月 17, 2022

Fixed bug where deleting a light mixer would cause other light mixers to throw python errors due to hou.ObjectWasDeleted error.

金. 2月 11, 2022

The light LOP will no longer show the guide scale parameter when not in distant or point light mode since the dimension parameters will override the guide scale.

木. 2月 10, 2022

Fixed problem where lightmixer node wouldn't modify light collections.

木. 2月 10, 2022

Coat BSDF of MaterialX Standard Surface shader now has "coat" label instead of "reflect" for improved granularity in light path expressions.

火. 2月 1, 2022