Houdini Main Changelogs


Add hover/rollevr highlighting to spreadsheets.

金. 1月 28, 2022

XPU: fixed a bug with light-linking (bug: 118796)

金. 1月 21, 2022

Fixed noisy direct lighting in reflection component of MaterialX implementation of Standard Surface when the material is transparent and Direct Refraction Subset property is set to "Outside" (default value).

火. 1月 11, 2022

Slight tweak to the lookat vector handle from the camera/light PIs to compute screen space distance from the tip instead of the pivot to let MMB indirect drags distinguish between the pivot and vector handles.

月. 1月 10, 2022

Fixed the Join SOP state selector to have preselect highlighting and to better support intersections against all scales of primitives.

木. 1月 6, 2022

Fixed errors in the "Dim All Lights" example script for the Python Script LOP

火. 1月 4, 2022

Added Contributions property to lights for finer control over which BSDFs they affect.

金. 12月 17, 2021

Fixed a bug where syntax highlighting in the textport could access freed memory.

木. 12月 16, 2021

Added snapping and pre-selection highlighting to TopoTransfer view state.

金. 12月 3, 2021
  • Added collider inputs, supporting box colliders, sphere colliders, capsule colliders, and mesh colliders, and then isTrigger/convex equivalents
  • Addeed InputInterfaceMeshSettings, for settings specific to mesh input. This should be done for all specific inputs in the future.
  • Added a UI option for whether or not to use collider inputs for UNITY_MESH inputs. The default is false, as with Unreal.
  • Reorganized non-intuitive UI - The options were move from the list items level to the top level of the inspector
  • Loosened the restriction on simple collider group names, allowing for numbers at the end of the group for example.
  • Slightly refactored conversion code to centralize coordinate axe transformation. Done in HEU_Curve but not done everywhere yet. This will be done later.
  • Disabled some unnecessary warnings, such as empty unity_material string and "only one collider per part" warning.
水. 12月 1, 2021

Karma XPU lights now supports barn door and focus shaping parameters.

火. 11月 30, 2021

XPU now supports cone lights.

月. 11月 29, 2021

Light primitives should generally not be given non-uniform scale values. But some older hip files may contain non-default values for the Scale parameter. So the Scale parameter on the Light LOP is now hidden if it is at its default value of (1,1,1).

火. 11月 9, 2021

Environment lights in the viewer have their specular contribution restored for dieletric materials.

水. 11月 3, 2021

Improved the quality of environment light and ambient occlusion sampling in the viewport's HQ Lighting mode.

火. 11月 2, 2021

Fixed reliability of environment light map support in normal quality lighting mode in the viewer.

金. 10月 29, 2021

Add python 3 asyncio keywords for syntax highlighting.

木. 10月 28, 2021

Allow t/r/e keys in the LOP viewport to enter custom python states instead of alwyas creating an Edit or Light Mixer LOP. The custom state just needs to call hou.ViewerStateTemplate.bindSupportsMoveTool(True).

金. 10月 22, 2021

Environment lights no longer wash out textured materials in normal quality lighting in the viewer.

木. 10月 14, 2021

Fixed a crash rendering Primvar AOV (including Cryptomatte) when there are area lights with "Render Light Geometry" enabled.

木. 10月 14, 2021

Fix 'Create Collection' functionality in the light mixer UI. Clean up some python exceptions. Fix icon for add light menu.

火. 10月 12, 2021

Fixed missing shaded curves when in HQ Lighting and the hair shader wasn't used.

金. 10月 8, 2021

Fixed a viewport display issue with Shaded Open Curves in HQ Lighting mode when no material was present for the curves.

木. 10月 7, 2021

Fixed a visual bug with environment lighting in normal quality lighting when a material had a diffuse texture.

木. 10月 7, 2021

Fixed a bug where light's shadow enable toggle didn't do anything.

月. 10月 4, 2021