Houdini Main Changelogs


Added Unsolo Lights/Geometry actions to the scene graph tree RMB menu, to match the Solo Lights/Geometry actions.

月. 10月 4, 2021

Fix a bug where the exposure on a new Light LOP was not being set automatically when adding a light from the shelf tool.

土. 9月 25, 2021

Fixed a temporary regression in the display of light guides in the LOP view.

金. 9月 24, 2021

Fixed viewer performance issue in LOPs with scenes that have many thousands of lights (or cameras).

木. 9月 23, 2021

Fix issues in the Rig Pose viewport state with regards to stuck geometry, selection prehighlighting of joints, and errors when doing File > New while it is active.

水. 9月 22, 2021

Clean up lightmixer node warning and error.

月. 9月 20, 2021

Fixed some viewer shading issues with metallic environment light reflections in HQ Lighting mode.

月. 9月 20, 2021

Added "Automatic Headlight Creation" render property.

金. 9月 17, 2021

Fixed a regression with tag visualizers on bones, lights, and cameras.

金. 9月 17, 2021

Fixed an issue with spotlight shadowing in the viewport that could cause excessive shadowing.

水. 9月 15, 2021

Converted Karma-specific API schemas for extending lights, cameras, and geometry primitives to be "codeless" schemas. This means they have no C++ or python APIs, but it also means that they can be used with other USD libraries without having to compile any code.

金. 9月 10, 2021

Fixed highlighting of points prims in LOPs when selected.

水. 9月 8, 2021