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I'm in some sort of a trouble understanding how parenting at the /obj level works. I have one null parented to another one. the translation attr. of child null are use to modify some points in another object (something like a cluster). Now, my problem is that when I move the parent null the child null moves with him but not the points from the other object. Maybe that it's solvable using channel reference between the parent and child but what about the case when I need to constrain the child null to another 2 nulls with a blend op. which channel from blend op needs to be referenced so that my child null will drive the points from the other object.
for ex. null1 and null2 goes into a blend op with weight 0.5 and the null3 is a child of blend op. now the null3 moves along with the blend but the points not ((((
plz. can someone explain to me how I can solve this out.

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