Particle systems workflow issues

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Hi all.
I'm trying to make a ‘fog sea’ with particles, i need to fill a great enviroment . Now i have an average of 80.000 particles in scene per frame.
I found some troubbles.
1-Can houdini make perform parallel in a dual box when cookin a POP net??
By default it can't, i think this would be very important to save time.
2-If i am in POP it needs to cook, then i go to SOP to change the shader, and at least i go to OBJ to see the final scene, in every step houdini needs to recook all the particles, even if i use CHANGES in the cook options, i don't understand why too many recooks.
3-If i am dealing with a large scene in what way can i optimize the workflow?
Baking particles with a Geometry ROP is one option, but if you are changing the animation of the particles this method doesn?Lt work. The cache option kills your memory for large heavy scenes. Any other options????

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