embedding HTML + CCS & Images into OTLs

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(since the 6.1 early access forum section has been locked), I'm re-posting this question here:

So, I've spent some time trying to figure this out

I know you can paste HTML code into the help tab of a custom op

BUT HOW do I get it to find the images + css and scripts?

I figured that it would look for them in the following if I used the following code:

<img src=“graphics/blah.gif” width=“5” height=“10”>


in your $HOME/Houdini6.1 folder

That will not work, unless I stick those folders (images, css, etc) into the MAIN houdini folder

(ignore the forward slash for this post)

Has anyone worked this out yet? Ideally, it would be nice to be able to just point to the html file in the help tab - that way the html file would know where it resides and know to look in it's relative path to find the needed files.

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