Looking for workaround for instancing lights in Unreal

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I am trying to make a track lighting tool for Unreal using Houdini. It takes a curve from Unreal, extrudes a track and places lighting fixtures along it. I saw in another post that instancing lights is not currently a feature. I am wondering if there is a way I can instead mark points in the generated model with some kind of label. And then I would use a construction script in Unreal that instantiates the lights at every labeled point generated by the Houdini asset. What is the best way to mark the points in the Houdini asset and read those positions in Unreal?
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Instancing lights is currently possibly by using a copy SOP and making sure they're instances. The plugin will have a new slot to replace the actors that are instanced and you can put in a light blueprint in there.
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Well actually you can instance lights by using a copy node that uses instances (packed primitives).
In Unreal, your asset will then have a “Houdini Instanced Input” section, and you can override your instances there by using a light blueprint.

edit: hmm looks like luiz was faster..
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