Mixing Keyframe animation and dynamic simulations

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Hi guys!

I'm trying to mix a simple keyframe animation with a RBD, I tried using an active value and OBJ position node after the RBD Packet Object node (has the example on houdini help), and I can't set the OBJ position when activate the dynamics.

I also tried the Deactivate Objects tool from the shelf and the result is the same, the object position when the DOP is active its not correct (in this example I followed Peter Quint tutorial “Keyframe /DOP 1”)

If I set the the object position in the RBD packed object transform node it increments the position on the object level.

Any help?

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The tutorial on Dops keyframes was made before RBD packed objects existed. In general the easiest way to manipulate packed objects is to use a SOP solver. Inside the solver the packed objects will look like a set of points with attributes on them, one point per object. For example setting the active attribute on a particular point will determine if that object is simulated, changing the position (P attribute) will move it. The RBD packed object helpcard has some details of the attributes.

I did a tutorial on the sop solver some time ago. It is still valid with a minor modification on how you wire in the solver if I remember right. I believe the project file was updated to work in more recent versions of Houdini and is commented.

https://vimeo.com/6660287 [vimeo.com]
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