Instanced geometry doesn't have collisions in UE

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Is it a bug in Houdini Engine or am I doing smth wrong?.. Added Object Merge SOP with Object1 path as parameter exposed to HDA, next after it added Pack SOP and distributed instance with copy to points.
In UE4 set some static mesh with existing collision as Input for this asset and generated instanced static meshes don't have any collisions.

UE 4.18.2
Houdini 16.5.322
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Hi Tomasz,

I just did a quick test with and without a Pack SOP, the result is the same in both instances, it doesn't work as intended unless a specific step is taken.

I've attached an image to how I was able to work around the issue.

Inside of the Blue lines is my SM_Slab01 a LODed asset with collision placed into the Object Merge SOP input.

Inside of the Green lines is the mesh that Houdini Engine for some reason creates from my input, it lacks proper normals, LOD-steps and collision.

Inside of the Yellow lines I've simply dragged and dropped my SM_Slab01 onto the Houdini Engine generated mesh and now everything including collision works.

Hope that it works for you too!

UE 4.18.2 (tested on 17.X)
Houdini 16.5.324 (tested on a few older versions as well)

HEngineUE4SlabSupport.jpg (243.3 KB)

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