Custom Heightfield Mask layers?

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Hello all,

I am new to Houdini and am currently testing out the heightfield tools to create a desert environment, and got stuck at the texturing process. I am currently trying to use the COP network relation to use my generated heightfield masks for coloring (with the quickshade node)
Unfortunately, I only have one layer channel for masks, so there is a big limitation as to what I can do.

When watching Alex Dracott's tutorial covering this workflow, he can reference multiple mask layers that are generated mainly by the heightfield_erode node, mask layers like flow, water, bedrock, etc. Is there a way that I could custom generate my own mask layer channels to use in the COP network? Or is there a different workflow that would be more efficient for previewing textures?

Please let me know if I have been unclear and could help specify some points.


Tutorial Video by Alex Dracott
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I'm facing the same issue : /
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Hey 6ril,

I do it this way: Use a heightfield copylayer. Copy the mask and give it a new name.
When you generate your mask. for example with the mask by feature node, go to the layer binding tab and rename the mask layer to your newly created mask layer.

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