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Hi all,
I'm tryng to install HDF5 library on my python houdini windows PC, but I have many problems… I did it with succesfull on my ImacPro (osx) but in windows (window 10 pro 64 bit) when I try to “import h5py”, python give me many errors.
On my iMac was very easy: I copied the h5py library (installed with “pip” in my system python) in “site-packages” folder of python inside houdini.

What kind of version I've to install (32 bit or 64 bit)?. I've tried both, but no one works.
There is anyone that works with hdf5 file in houdini that teach me what I've to do?

Any suggest?

Thank you.

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I am trying to install pip in Houdini 17.54, using a python script get-pip.py. It works on a mac, but not on windows 10.
Brad Carvey
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