Help With High Resolution Destruction Approach

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I am a new Houdini Apprentice user and would like some help/direction.

I have a semi high res asset(700K) that I am looking to destroy in a specific way but have run into some issues. I have combined parts of the model into 7 separate objs and have brought them into Houdini thinking this would a more manageable approach. I have reduced each further with poly reduce and cached to disk to hopefully ease the sims.

When I scatter and fracture I have independent pieces for each object rather than one large piece with the fractures(please see picture). How could I get the object to be treated as one large piece with the set number of fractures instead of each piece colored separately?

I feel like I am missing a fundamental concept here. I have looked at various tutorials, but cannot find info when dealing with this type of geo that is made up of thousands of pieces.


Pieces.PNG (117.2 KB)
Scatter.PNG (327.7 KB)
Fracture.PNG (1013.6 KB)

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Well you just visualising the pieces, so each piece is colored with a random color. This won't affect your render. You can turn of the visualise pieces or put a color node and make everything white for example.

Also you could review your fragmented model with the exploded view node.

I hope this could help you.
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