OpenCl performance in Linux Mint worse than in Windows 7

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Hello guys,

I have heard a about the performance on Linux being often much better than on Windows.
So I decided to give it a try and installed Linux Mint 19.2 as a dual boot alongside Windows 7. I have run a simple test with particle simulation and POP Fluid node which uses OpenCL and the sim goes a little bit faster on Windows 7. The difference is about 20 seconds for 100 frames sim.

I have a GTX 980Ti. I tried installing older drivers on Linux but the result is the same.

At the same time running the sim with OpenCL turned off gives much better results in Linux. About 35-40% faster on Linux than on Windows.

I am a total noob with Linux. Maybe there are some additional steps to make the GPU work to it's fullest? Am I missing something?
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